Based on years of experience, we offer the production of metal or plastic and semi-finished components, as well as powder paint entrusted elements.
We have a certified Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2002 and ISO / TS 16949:2002, ISO 14001:2004, PIN-N-18001: 2004.

18001 ISO-TS-16949-2009-PL EPSON scanner image

In our offer you can find a powder coating covering technologies degreasing and phosphating surface.

  • Plastic forming - with eccentric presses with pressure from 25T to 400T and hydraulic presses with pressure from 160T to 250T
  • Welding - Tanned and spot welding machines with power up to 190 kVA
  • Manual assembly

We have our own tool department , which provide services of design and manufacture equipment for plastic processing (punching and stamping dies) and injection molds.
Our qualified technologists and engineers staff, remain in constant contact with Customers at every stage of the manufacturing process of the product, design and production implementation.
We are in constant cooperation with the Department of Quality Control, which allows for preventive measures and helps to regular tool monitoring.
Our line of paint, constant supervision of the chemical composition and quality of bathing in the chemical laboratory, allows to achieve a very good paint effect.
We also have a salt spray chamber and 3D machine Vista Zeiss.
We are capable of producing components with a thickness of 0.8 to 5 mm.
Qualified staff and excellent technology provide 100% repeatability and high quality regardless of production scale.